Keeping a sleep routine while traveling

sleeping routine while traveling with babies
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Keeping a routine while traveling
A few weekends ago, Joe and I took a mini road trip up to Strawberry, AZ and although we needed some “us” time, We had no choice but to bring our littlest along with us since I’m nursing full time! It was so much fun taking a breather from everyday life, and just enjoying each others company. 
We rarely get out much, which means we are pretty comfortable with our home life and have a routine down pat. So, bringing baby Xander along with us was kind of scary, because I was afraid that breaking his routine would give us a fussy baby all weekend. 
I think traveling with any baby is hard, adjusting to time changes, skipping naps, or just being out of their element is rough on them. And we all just want a happy baby and a good time! Keep these four tips in mind, next time you decide to travel with your child! You will thank me later! 

Bring along a portable crib or bassinet

A portable crib or bassinet is the best thing to help you keep your mind at ease and your little babe safe! We have a Foldaway rocking bassinet that you can purchase here. It is so convenient to take along, easy set up, and super lightweight! Your baby will thank you once they get a good night’s sleep, too. 

Something from home that will keep them comfortable

Always bring along their favorite blanket, or bear.  Your child isn’t used to the things around them, so making them feel comfortable with things they are familiar with will help them secure with where they are. 

Stick to their usual naptime and sleep schedule

Helping them sleep regularly might be a little challenging since I’m assuming you will be busy adventuring or whatever the case may be. Encourage your babies to nap at their regular time, so it doesn’t throw them off balance. 

Sound machine

Sleeping is easier at home because bedtime for baby is more than likely relaxing time for us parents. But, being on vacation who wants to sleep at 7 pm? Bring a sound machine, so you and your spouse or other kids can enjoy the rest of the night without disturbing baby! 
How often do you travel with your little ones? Do you find these tips helpful? Would love to hear from you. Make sure to comment below! 
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