Broken Dreams

So I’ve been waiting for this past weekend for months, and now that is has come and gone I can’t help but feel so down. It was a blast, to say the least, seeing family is always great and visiting a beautiful green state with an endless amount of Victorian houses was a dream!

But, my dreams were broken on this trip. My whole life I have always wanted to travel with my children and husband, and just explore the world. I couldn’t help but be so excited to take Xander on an airplane and just experience traveling with a baby. The moment I stepped foot on the plane, I realized this wasn’t for me. Maybe it was because we didn’t have the two older kids or the fact that it was a quick trip. But, I was so homesick and was already anxious to come back home. We enjoyed ourselves, and that’s what we needed as a couple. But, the fact that I wasn’t in the same state as the kids terrified me. I wanted so badly to fall in love with the process of traveling, but I wasn’t. And that completely broke my dreams.

Maybe I am just doing this too soon? Maybe I am not doing it the right way? Maybe I was just made to be a homebody? I’m not sure. But, the fact that we wanted to travel every few months with all of us isn’t going to happen. At least not today. And that is a reality that I never thought I would face because it was always my dream. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still want to take vacations and go places, but for me I wanted it to be a lifestyle, something we often did. And realizing how homesick I got, I know that lifestyle just isn’t for me.

I guess, there is always time to travel once the babies are grown up, and Joe and I retire… right? Do you like to go places with your kids? How do you refrain from getting homesick? I want to hear all about it! Leave a comment below.



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    May 8, 2017

    Hey there ladybug,
    Don’t give up on your dreams to travel. There will be a time, you will know it, when you can travel as a family. If it’s flying off to Fiji or driving cross country to New York, you and your husband will know. I never traveled as a a child, but I had friends who did. Looking back I can only imagine how hard it was for parents, espically since children can sit for so long. The family trips I have now with my parents I am greatful for because of the memories we make. It’s never to late or to early to make those moments. Cruises are never a bad option for family traveling. It’s just something to consider for a later future. ^.^~

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    May 10, 2017

    I’m pretty new to This, not sure if you’ll get this message or not. Anyway, I have traveled with my husband & daughter. She was a year & 10months. We went to Hawaii for my brothers wedding. We didnt get a seat for her, she was on my lap & that was a huge mistake! The whole plane ride was so uncomfortable, she was so fussy. Luckily I brought snacks & activities for her to do. But then all the baggage literally!!! The car seat, the stroller, her suit case, my suit case, my husbands suit case, the snack bag, the daiper bag, her back pack with her favorite toy, books, & blankies. It felt as if we were moving to Hawaii. But when we got there the sight was so amazing, it really didnt seem that bad anymore. We had a blast while we were there.
    At first I felt overwhelmed with all our stuff & my husband complaining about all the baggage but now that we have our son we want to go again.
    But this time we will do things different! Pack less & buy what we need while we are there.
    So dont give up, everything gets easier with practice

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