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things you should be cleaning every month


Ah! I can’t even with Monday. I had such a slow, yet refreshing weekend and I needed just to get a few things done. Like, I cleaned my house. It’s rare when I get down and dirty and bring out all the cleaning supplies, but this weekend I picked up my duster and the rest was history.

You know that feeling when you are so ready to clean your house, but you just don’t know what to clean or even where to start? Well, this is once in a blue moon for me too, mainly when I have had a full nights sleep, and my kids didn’t wake up to asking me a billion and one questions about how the universe works. So, since my energy comes and goes, I wrote a list of things you should be cleaning every month!

1. Wipe windows- Baby hand prints take over my windows, but it seems I forget to clean this often.

2. dust ceiling fans and your light fixtures    

3. Discard food in the freezer or fridge that’s past its expiration date.

4. Dust shelves and storage bins.

5. Wipe the insides and the outsides of your trash and recycling bins.

6. Flush drains with vinegar, boiling water, and baking soda.

7. Clean switch plates.

8. Wash vacuum filters

9. Organize pantry

10. organize closets/tidy up misplaced items

11. vacuum stairs and closet carpets

12. Clean inside of washing machine and dryer

13. Clean the top of the fridge and kitchen cabinets

14. Wash the insides of garbage cans and wastebaskets

15. Clean dishwasher and coffee pot by running vinegar water thru them


If you found this cleaning checklist helpful, please feel free to download and print our free checklist HERE.

ultimate Monthly cleaning checklist

April 27, 2017