Gender Neutral Shared Kids’ Bedroom

Gender Neutral shared kids room ideas

I’m so excited to be sharing with you guys Ethan and Millie’s room makeover! I have had a hard time visioning what I wanted for their room since they both have such different personalities, but I love the way it turned out! The kids love it, too!

Here’s A little background story. Before we moved into this home a year ago, Millie and Ethan were still sleeping in our bed. Knowing We had to prepare them for the baby, we kept talking about how they would be sleeping in their room as soon as we moved. Well, they have this co-dependence on each other that’s like really hard to break, and so they kept coming up with this idea of wanting to share a room so that they could sleep together. I wasn’t sure at this, mainly because how the heck are we going to squeeze two different personalities in one place?

After a ton of organizing, bed selling, and toy donations, we finally made enough room for both of them to be in the same room, comfortably. At first, I thought I had a vision, but I couldn’t get it to life. So, I played around with many different ideas and hated every single one. That was until I came across, and oh my gosh it’s like I had a vision, and they were able to make the products for ME! Their style fits the exact style that I was hoping for in the kid’s room, and I love the way it turned out!

kids room shared ideas

This is their doorway- and you can see the teepee, rug, easel, and kids table

shared small childrens room

We had a hard time finding a bed that was going to fit the kid’s small room, and that was short enough. We found this bed at Ikea, and the zipper comforters, here

organized kids roomkids bookshelf

This bookshelf was a must to avoid clutter on the floor. It feels great to see Ethan get home from school and automatically hang his backpack up. You can find the Chase your dreams sign, here


We found this bench with storage for their shoes, and it has been God sent! I can’t believe how much toys and junk the kids have. I am constantly cleaning out the kid’s room, but I find it a must have to have cubbies and storage bins for all the ugly stuff I don’t want people to see. Who doesn’t love a good bookshelf and bins? You can find these “Be brave, little one” pillow cases, here

Gender Neutral shared kids room ideaskids teepee room ideasteepee in childrens room

I think every kid needs a Teepee in their room, they’re just too cute to not have one. I find Ethan and Millie cuddled up in here often and it just melts my mama heart. 

The kid’s dresser is a bit beat up, but I am a little too attached to just let go. It’s a good sturdy piece that my dad built for me when I was younger, and I can’t seem to let it go. I love the shelves we added on top to compliment it, the gold cloud cubbies are the perfect missing piece. Oh, and the kids wanted to pick the items to add to the cubbies. 

kids room shared ideas

I had way too much fun with this makeover, and It came so easy for me. Birch lane has nice quality pieces that are affordable, and their kid’s line is just too die for! You need to head over to Little Vintage nest to check out her Modern Farmhouse Playroom


Thank you Birch Lane for partnering up with us on this post!