A Quick Getaway to Strawberry, Arizona

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This weekend, Joe and I drove up north about 2 hours from our house and enjoyed a seriously much needed mini getaway. We drove passed such amazing scenery the entire way, and I was reminded, once again, why I was born to live out in the country. The fresh air, the cool breeze, the big trees, everything! I fell in love with Strawberry, AZ!

It felt so good to spend quality time with my husband without the kids this weekend. Well, Xander had to ride along since I’m still nursing him, but he slept most of the way, and can’t talk. So he doesn’t count. We enjoyed the quiet ride, talking and (mainly) reminiscing about old times. It was just so much fun, and we haven’t laughed like that in a long time.

We stayed at this cute little Hotel called The Strawberry Inn! It was about 3-5 miles from Pine, where all the cutest little restaurants and antique stores were. Oh, and beautiful scenic hiking trails!


tonto natural bridge state park hiking with baby

things to do in Pine arizona

Talking about Trails, Joe and me decided to visit Tonto Natural Bridge State Park to hike! I was so excited to go on my “Real” first hike. So, I wrapped Xander up, and we were on our way. We decided to view the waterfall first which was not even a 5-minute hike (up and down the stairs), Well on our way up, I almost had a panic attack and swore I was going to throw up blood because I was so exhausted from walking a few flight of stairs. True story, Joe walked ahead of me SO EMBARRASSED because I was panting like there was no tomorrow, and kept saying “I can do this. I can do this” after each breath I took. IT was the funniest thing, and I honestly don’t think he will let me live this one down, ever!

Well, Needless to say, I gave up on that trail! As, much as I want hiking to be for me. I’m just too out of shape for it.

pizza places in pine az

Old Country woodfire pizza

We went to a cute woodfire pizza place in Pine called Old County Inn. It was such a fun environment. We sat outside to listen to the live band that was playing, and the pizza was delicious! (Can’t you tell from the photo). 

coziest hotel in Strawberry Arizona

Can we talk about how adorable The Strawberry Inn is for a second? I mean between the red doors, the white swing in the front and the windmill house. OMG! It was the coziest place to stay. So comfortable in fact, that my husband wanted to order food to-go and come back to our hotel to just hang. I think Joe even said something like “Can you ask them if we could buy these pillows from them? They are so comfortable!” haha



Before we headed back home, we decided to stop for a quick breakfast sandwich and coffee over at Pine Creek Fudge! Joe and I ordered a dirty chai, with a croissant sausage and cheese sandwich (I wish I took a photo, but I ate it so quick, that I forgot!) The owners of this place were so friendly, and we stirred up a conversation fast! They were telling us about all the animals they see every day, and how they prefer to live up in Pine more so than Phoenix. Just hearing from locals about their town, you could tell how much they really care and enjoy living there. Being a fudge shop we knew we had to get some to-go for the kids, and we chose to grab some Cookie’n’cream fudge, and oh my gosh! It was so good!

I totally could live this weekend over and over again, but obviously with the kids. We plan to take a trip up again and bring the kids along to go fishing, and horseback riding. Trying to convince my husband we belong out in the country, and I honestly think it’s working! Thank you The Strawberry Inn for making us feel so much at home. We can’t wait to go back and visit your beautiful and quiet city.


If you are headed up north to strawberry or Pine, AZ. Make sure to stop by the Strawberry Inn and use discount code “mywifestyles10!” for 10% off your stay! 



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    Sharon Hillman

    April 15, 2017

    I’m so glad you enjoyed your trip to our little Paradise of Strawberry, AZ. Just a quick correction to the name of the pizza place. It is Old County Inn not Country as it is on Old County Road.

    Lots of nice photos and so glad you went to the bridge as it is such a spectacular place to visit. Hope you plan to visit our little town again.

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      April 16, 2017

      Thank you! I just noticed it was a typo! And yes! I told my husband I could totally retire there 🙂 such a beautiful town! And such friendly people!