How to Juggle Work While staying at home with your baby

Tips to juggling work and home life

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I don’t think I say this enough, but the fact that I can stay home and raise my babies is like a dream come true. There are many trying times, to say the least. But, every minute is worth it. So worth it. Back in 2015, I just had Millie at home with me because Ethan started pre-school, so at that time I was bored. Well, not bored but, I wanted to do more with my free time besides cooking and cleaning, and overall our daily routine.

I decided to start my Blog, Mywifestyles, mainly because I was obsessed with trying new cleaning techniques and finding fun house hacks and yummy recipes. I was a full-time housewife at the time, and that’s all my intention was for my Mywifestyles blog, to inspire other wives and my favorite, to write. Fortunately, in the last two years, I have met some amazing people, and my blog has grown way more than I could have ever expected!

With all the success of my growth in readers and followers (thank you for ALL the support, guys!) I have had some incredible work opportunities! Who would’ve thought my passion for writing and photography as well with my everyday life, would get me to where I am today? I’m not complaining! But, with that, I struggled for the longest time to maintain my household, my children, my husband, and my blog. The excitement of my growth and friendships I have made consumed me. For a while, I took time off my blog to strictly focus on my family and our home. I finally realized that instead of neglecting one or the other, why not write up an easy routine to help me maintain both! Seems overwhelming? Well, it’s not! And I’ll tell you why!

1. Timing is everything, with proper timing you can utilize and work as much as you can in certain places. For example, make time for your housework and time for your side business. And don’t go over that! For me, I choose to wake up at 5 am and do my quick morning routine that you can read here. After that, I make my coffee and from 5:30-6:30 am before the kids wake up, I am on my computer catching up on emails, social media, and any last minute adjustments to a blog post that should be going live that day if needed. After I send Ethan to school at 7:15 am, I open up the computer (if necessary) and work on whatever my daily tasks are for that day.

I limit myself to 2-3 work assignments a day, so I don’t overwhelm myself. My tasks can range anywhere from planning my weekly content for my social medias, editing photos, or writing a blog post. I most times can work on my phone, so if that’s the case, I can work on my phone and fold clothes at the same time. If you are looking for a simple laundry routine, click here, By 10:30-11am I unplug myself from my phone and computer and catch up with my daily household tasks- I also only give myself 2-3 things to do a day and spread all my household work throughout the week, so I am not overwhelmed.  During the day, I will check and respond to emails, but I will not work unless needed. When Joe and I are ready for bed by 7:30 pm, I’ll get back on my computer and finish whatever I need to finish for that day (last minute editing, posting on social media, etc.) most days I’m tired and just end up falling asleep!

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2. Keep your children occupied. Nothing’s more stressful when I have Millie bored out of her mind, and she will sit there and chat my ear off. Don’t get me wrong; I love conversing with my daughter. But, sometimes I can’t concentrate on what I’m working on. Instead of sticking her in front of the television while I work (not going to lie, sometimes I do), I plan our days.

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Whether I’m able to work at the park so she can play. Or sit outside to watch her play and work, there are times when she is so into the toys she’s playing with that those few hours or work will fly by for the both of us. Or if you have little ones, I always put my 4-month- old down for a nap, or in his crib with his mobile on, where he is the most content. The one thing I have learned is to situate my kids first before I situate myself to work. It saves the hassle of having to stop what you’re doing and having to get back in “your zone.”

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3. You need fast Wi-Fi! How often are you trying to get your work done and whether it’s your email, website or editing apps that just aren’t going fast enough for you? Oh my gosh! This use to happened so much, I would often get frustrated and just set aside my work. Which ended up with me working way more than I needed. The most frustrating thing is when you’re in a hurry to get something finished, and your computer is just not your friend. Slow Wi-Fi sucks! We pay a lot for ours too, and it just does not cut out for my line of work.


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Not to mention, all the devices in our home that are in need of Wi-Fi as well. Our smartphones, iPads, computers (we have three), our TV’s (yes, our TVs even need Wi-Fi). I was able to fix this huge problem with Google Wifi! What’s Google Wif? It is a multi-point system that gives you fast and reliable Wi-Fi wherever you need it and on multiple devices. Google Wifi replaces your current router for seamless coverage throughout your home! It’s easy to set up, and has an easy way to control your Wi-Fi and run speed tests straight from your phone! It’s intuitive app even lets you pause Wi-Fi to certain devices whenever you’d like, it’s amazing to have that much control! Learn more or purchase yours here.

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 4. Don’t over schedule yourself. You need to understand that house and work tasks pile up. Schedule them throughout the week and just stick with it. Don’t take a few days off and plan to knock out all the tasks in one day. That will just overwhelm you and most likely set you back.

What are some ways to help you juggle your housework and work as well? I would love to hear from you!


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    Natalie Aubele

    April 3, 2017

    I love this post ! I just started out blogging and I am already finding that I need a schedule to balance out my in-home childcare, my daily chores and my blog ! Thanks for sharing 🙂