Some of my favorite Nursing Friendly Items

the best nursing wear

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So proud to say that after having a rough start to breastfeeding with Xander, we are now going four months strong! I’m so happy that we have both adjusted so well to it because the first few days had a lot of tears and a LOT of pain! What’s funny, though, is that most people assume he is the first breastfed baby I had because of all the questions I have! But, I nursed Millie until she was almost TWO! 22 months of exclusive breastfeeding, and even though I don’t want to nurse that long with Xander! I want to breastfeed until he’s old enough to stop.

When I had Millie, I didn’t know about any of these brands, which I’m surprised at how easy it was to breastfeed her because these few things have made nursing Xander the easiest thing for me!

I know most of you can relate when I say that it’s super frustrating to head out of the house and not have on a nursing-friendly shirt or bra! It’s the worst! And if I could, I would live in my nursing tank! Well, I kind of already do.

Here are the MAIN nursing items I use on a daily! They make nursing around the house, and out in public.


This bra is probably my favorite nursing bra ever! It’s from Bravado Designs, and you can buy it in nude here

best nursing bra!



These Nursing tanks are my favorite! I live in them daily (Not kidding either), I wear them as an undershirt and I switch from the black and white tanks depending on what I’m wearing.  They make breastfeeding so much easier! You can buy the black here, and the white here

the best nursing tanks comfy nursing tank



I honestly had the hardest time covering up in public, because Xander seemed to unlatch himself a few seconds I would latch him on. So It was a constant battle between him and my nursing cover (because I didn’t want to expose anything lol). I discovered Cover Me Ponchos on Instagram! and fell in love with how well designed their nursing covers were. You can easily have your baby placed under the poncho, and he won’t be sweaty! Also, the neckline isn’t overly big so you won’t have to worry about showing anything! Did I mention it’s super cute too? You can buy it in my favorite color Olive Geen, here.


best nursing cover to use













I got myself a nursing pillow from Bebe Au Lait, and I loved it! If I don’t have to hold Xander every time I’m nursing that’s even better! Check it out, here

comfiest nursing pillow



What are some of your everyday go-to nursing products? I’m always on the lookout for more! Leave a comment below 🙂