An All American Country Style Living Room Reveal

american country living room

*Thank you, AFW for sponsoring this post. We had a great time with this collaboration, and as always, all opinions are 100% my own.*


Woohoo! I have been so excited to reveal our living room makeover with American Furniture Warehouse. I could officially say that our house is starting to feel more like home. And we have been here since May of last year. Crazy, right?

I would be lying if I said this process wasn’t a hard one. I knew coming into this transition; Joe always had a strong opinion when it came to a particular taste for our home. But, I never realized how different our tastes really were. It was hard to get him on board with half the ideas I had. But, I did it! And we both love it!

When Joe and I first moved out, we bought a sectional on craigslist for $200 and got a few knick-knacks for our home. Like a burgundy rug that my mom gave us, a bookshelf, and tv stand that we found on craigslist as well (p.s. we still have it, and I love it). Aside from that, I never had that need to decorate or switch up our living room, even though as a homemaker, I have always felt that something was always missing.

So, we decided this year to focus on our home. Have you ever heard the saying “Home is where the heart is?” This is 100% true! I believe no matter how big the size of your house is, or the many nice things you have in it, it will not be a home unless there is love. With that said, I also believe the cozier the home, the more comfortable you are. From a young family who often gets “bored” of their home, I needed this more than ever in my life. I was longing for a change, and I struggled to bring my “vision” to life with what we had already. So, we decided to toss out the majority of our furniture and are starting all over! First, with the living room!

From not having a “theme” in our home, I knew I have always been so obsessed with wood, and cottagey type feels. I didn’t really know where to start or what the theme I wanted was called. I just knew I had a vision, and I needed to go with it, blindly. We chose to head on over to American Funiture Warehouse, and it was the best decision! From their affordable prices to huge variety, to the friendliest staff. We felt very comfortable in decision making, we even had to head back there more than once (4 times to be exact), because we just couldn’t get enough. There was so much to choose from!

Well, low and Behold we now have a very American Country type feel, and I am in love. This is home.

We decided not to do a sectional this time around, not that I really mind the shape of a sectional, but I felt like it took too much space in one spot. So I wanted to buy a sofa and love seat, with a chair so I can spread them around the room without them being close together. Not to mention, no more Microfiber. That stained soo easy. And if you have kids, you understand. We bought this nice brown sofa set that you can find here and the blue chair here

Like my sister once told me, you can never have too much green in your home. For me, I don’t have much of a green thumb. As a matter of fact, I don’t have a green thumb at all. So, all the plants in my home are currently fake. You can buy some affordable, yet real-looking trees, here.

Obsessed with my Kona Coffee table and side table, the wood color is beautiful, and it brings out that country feel I’m looking for. Click here for the coffee table, and here for the side table.

Everything that we hung on our wall, we found for reasonable pricing at our local thrift shop. Little accent pieces are a great fill, and help any room feel cozier. 


We are so happy with the way our living room turned out and would love your opinions on it! Please comment below, and If you’re like me and love the country feel. Please share this post.