Must Haves While Traveling With a Toddler or Baby

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best travel items you need when you have kids  There are so many places we’d like to go and so many things we would love to see, and ultimately it was our goal to take more family trips this year and travel to fun towns in our area. If you follow us, you can see that has not happened and the main reason is pretty obvious. There’s no way we could fit Xander’s bassinet, changing table, bath, and everything he really needs on a day to day basis into our car or luggage. I mean, we are so comfortable being at home it kind of stresses me out thinking about leaving everything behind for an overnight stay somewhere. 
I know I can’t be the only one that manages to leave the house forgetting at least one thing, right? It is the most stressful process when we plan for a day outing or even an overnight trip, and I completely forget something that is usually important. Like, A few weeks ago we decided to stay the night at my parent’s house and we forgot Xanders pacifier. HIS PACIFIER. It was not a night I’d like to remember, I’ll tell you that much. 
Well instead of sitting around making up excuses about why we aren’t traveling, I decided to write a few major must haves when traveling with toddlers and/or babies. You know, for future references. 


We have about five different strollers, and a lot of them are big and bulky and don’t fit comfortably in our car. Lucky enough we have a very easy to travel with stroller that folds and stores perfectly wherever we go. 

Foldable baby pad 

Nothing is worst when you have to change your babies diaper, and there is no changing table to be found. So carrying one that you can pretty much find at your local baby store is a must. Easy to fold and put away, and you can lay your baby anywhere. It’s the best! 


What’s worst? Having a child remind you that they are hungry every 5 seconds, or not being prepared with a small little snack for when it is needed. Have a bag or lunch box with something to hold them off until they can be properly fed. 


I can’t tell you how many times we have been out and one of my kids needed to either wash their hands or clean their face. Wipes are seriously the best things to keep your sanity when you need it most. 

Extra clothes

I’m so guilty of never coming prepared. There are so many times when the kids have spilled something on their shirt, and I didn’t have a backup. Oh, man! It is rough. Always pack extra clothes. Even for you, moms. We all know we have accidents too! 

Fold Away Bassinet

Oh my gosh, this is probably the most necessary thing for an overnight trip. Especially if you have a child under 12 months like I do. Since Xander still takes naps throughout the day, it is a must to have something safe to put him in. There have been times where I have forgotten our Foldaway bassinet, and he has had the hardest time sleeping, which means my hands are always full from holding him. This Bassinet is for Babies under 5 months old! 
The only items you need while traveling with a baby
We currently have the Ingenuity Foldaway rocking bassinet that you can see here, and it is an easy, lightweight bassinet that you can set up and put away within seconds. I’m excited to start taking this bassinet with us wherever we go, because not only is it easy to set up it is also very convenient and saves you space wherever you go. We plan to take this bassinet with us whenever we have our overnight stays or long days out of the house. 
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    March 31, 2017

    This is such a great list of things you need while traveling with a baby or toddler! I’d only add a nanny to the list. 😉