10 Items you need to take with you to the pool

best packing tips for the pool

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simple things to take to the pool

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Phew, I’m not sure If I should be excited about the weather here in Arizona, or nervous. It has hit in the high 90’s the last few days, and I can’t even imagine what Summer will be like!

I still refuse to turn on the A/C, so the Fans have been on full blast. But, enough about the weather. This weekend was our first time this year that we headed to the pool and splash pad! There are times when I seem to have my life organized, and I go prepared to the pool and even wear appropriate attire (AKA, A Bathing Suit). Or I’ll have those days where we are rushing to get out of the house, and I forget to feed the kids, and my house is a mess, or I’ll forget the sunscreen or towels, or something. It’s a hit or miss that I have learned to accept. So, here I am today Mid-spring break, and I wanted to write up a simple must-have list for afternoons poolside, mainly for future reference.

1.) SUNSCREEN– notice that’s in all caps, well, that’s because this is the most important item you need for hot days here in Arizona (or any place for that matter). And this is the main thing I’m always forgetting! #CanIBlameThisOnMomBrain?

2.) Towels– Well, duh! There was one time, though; I totally forgot the kid’s towels on top of the dryer. So, I had them sit out of the pool 20 minutes before we had to leave, and by the time we got in the car, they were completely dry! Thank you, AZ sun!

3.) Water! Lots, and lots of water! This is pretty much a given for any outside activity and is self-explanatory.

4.) Extra clothes and a bag– most public pools have restrooms, so we bring extra clothes for the kids to change out of and I always put their wet clothes in a grocery bag! A huge tip, always remembers to take the bag out of the car. One time I had left the bag of wet clothes in the trunk for almost a week. Needless to say, we had to throw those clothes away. They smelt so bad. oops.

5.) Sandals/water shoes– It’s a given to wear sandals to the pool, but once you get there you typically take them off, right? Well if you’re headed to a splash pad. I highly recommend your kids keep on their sandals! There are so many bees near the water. And I’m sure you want to protect them from getting stung. Bees are my biggest fear.

6.) Stroller– More so for little ones who are too young to go swimming. We have this adorable stroller from Evenflo. It’s the Pivot Travel System, and it turns into a baby carriage which makes it easier for Xander to sleep while the kids play (swim). A MUST HAVE!

7.) Hair tie- because nothing’s more annoying than wet hair always getting in your face.

8.) Sun hat/glasses- this seems pretty obvious. But if you’re like me, you will forget this 80% of the time you head out to do anything outside. And nothing’s worst than squinting the entire time because it’s too bright.

9.) Goggles- My kids are a little scared going under the water. But when they do, I always try to prevent them from getting them eyes red.


10.) Snacks – Oh, yes! Don’t forget the snacks! Typically we choose healthy snacks, like fresh fruit or smoothies. Or we can just go with Chips and an Iced coffee. Either one works! 

I hope these tips send you in the right direction when it comes to simplifying your pool bag. You don’t want to overpack either. Stay safe and have fun! Do you have any other suggestions for items to have at the pool? Leave a comment below!

If you’d like to purchase the Evenflo Pivot Travel System that you see in this post, please click here. For more photos of our day at the pool, you can scroll down.