Simple Ways To Spend Quality Time As A Family During Spring Break

Simple Spring break family fun ideas
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So, next week is spring break for E, and I’m sort of freaking out. I’m going to have all three children, for an entire week, all by myself! Joe is leaving on a work trip for the whole week, go figures right? And if I’m honest, I’m not sure how I am going to stay sane doing it all by myself. Well, I guess this is the time where I need to plan out some activities and become organized with everything we do or else this just won’t work, and I don’t want to spend our spring break inside in front of the tv!

It has been beautiful here lately, with the weather reaching 90 degrees and the morning breeze just perfect enough where you don’t need a sweater. So, I want to head outdoors next week and enjoy the weather, and hopefully, I’ll be able to catch a tan! Planning days out with the family can be a little hectic because let’s face it. Having three kids, in general, it can be a little hard to go anywhere. Thankfully, I use the ASU Sun Devil Rewards APP to find some fun events going on around the valley that is kid friendly and is light on the wallet. (Scroll down to learn more about this app.)


Here are some fun things that we plan on doing and that you can do as a family that cost little to nothing and perfect for spring break!

1. Head to your local pool & Go swimming

This pretty much sums up the easiest way to keep cool, especially if you live in a state like Arizona where it’s not even the Summer yet and we have no choice but to turn on the A/C. I am taking the kids to a local pool (since we don’t have one) and plan on spending an afternoon there, where they can enjoy the water.

2. Outdoor Park Picnics

Why do my kids always opt for this idea more so than anything else? Oh, yeah! That’s because this gives them an option to run around like wild animals and get their hands dirty without getting yelled at. Just kidding! But, seriously going to the park gives me a break and the kids a few minutes to burn off some steam. Not to mention, I think I eat more in peace at the park than I do at my dining room table. Make a few sandwiches (Our fav: PB&J), grab a blanket, and head out! This will take up most of our afternoon!

3. The best thing invented: Splash pads

For those moms who have kids that don’t swim, AKA, me. This is like a win-win for everyone! I’m not kidding the splash pads are so much fun; I sometimes end up getting wet as well! Just be careful, there are usually a lot of bees around the water, so make sure your kids are wearing shoes!

4. Outdoor Movie Night

I have always wanted to take the kids to an outdoor movie, but have yet to. Mainly because I never know where to go? Super grateful for ASU for hosting “Movie on the Lawn” every Friday night in March at their West Campus. I am so excited to take the kids this Friday for our first time. (Scroll down to learn more about the Sun Devil Reward App.)

What do you and your kids have planned for spring break? Are you headed anywhere fun? I would love to hear more about it in the comments!

Sun Devils Rewards app


Sun Devils rewards app
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Here are some more photos of our day at the Downtown Phoenix Campus! How beautiful is it there? 


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    March 18, 2017

    Your kids are adorable! You will most definitely survive the week… with those faces, how can’t you? I’m a homeschooling mom though so I’m probably just use to having my kids around all the time. My husband always seems to have business trips during the most inconvenient times too though… like that time of the month… or when Im sick. UGH. Hope you guys have a blast though! You sound very prepared!