A few ways to make your dining room cozier

We spend about 25% of our time in our dining room, which isn’t a lot for the amount of time we spend eating throughout the day. We like eating as a family every night. But, for breakfast and lunch, we kind of just do our own thing. If you have read my previous blog post on How to make your home cozier in these five simple steps, you know I’m working hard on making my house feel more like a home and redoing everything. So, the first room that we finished is our Dining area. We don’t have a wall that separates our dining room and living room, but I love having an open concept feel because having a small cozy home is all I could ever dream of in a home.

It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the thought of owning a huge home, with all these extra rooms and a second floor. Not for me, though I have always felt the need to have a small one story home with all our rooms intertwined with each other but never knew how to make each room their own, and adding things to each room to truly make it their own space.

So, here is my dining room reveal along with some tips I added to help my dining room feel cozier.

Adding a bookshelf with a few personal belongings, and random knick knacks

I added these bookshelves that were previously in our living room to our dining room. It has filled in this open space with a touch of our personal belongings such as books, candles, and family photos.


Add Curtains 

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with curtains because I’m obsessed with natural light but without curtains, my windows feel so bare and boring. So, I have added a see-through, sheer, white curtain to our back door windows and although it doesn’t cover any sunlight, it helps add a little texture to our windows. 


Add an area rug 

There is something about area rugs that can make any room. I found this cute rug from Rugs USA, here. It has blue jean woven into the center of the rug, and it brings out a beautiful color into my dining room. 

Candle Sticks and Table Runners

Adding something to your table, so it doesn’t look so bare which is why I added this cute table runner that is from Target and added these wooden candle sticks that I got at home goods! I have my wire fruit basket in the middle of the table, but feel like a pretty vase with flowers would also look great!

Buffet or China Table 

You can never add too much storage space in your home. I love having this extra china table to our living room, where we placed some candle sticks and a wax warmer on top, and inside we store some serveware for when we have visitors. I also am not fond of this large mirror on top, it looks great but I would prefer a few paintings or shelves to be hung on top.