Some of our favorite products to help Xander sleep longer!

baby products to help your baby sleep longer

“Does he sleep well for you?” I’m surprised at how many times I get asked this every time someone comes to visit us! I could honestly say that Xander is my best sleeper and no it’s not because he’s a newborn and all he ever does is sleep anyways. Since day one Xander has been able to sleep on his own. Whether it’s in his crib, or bassinet, or swing I don’t ever have trouble putting him down to sleep. He is more independent when it comes to co-sleeping than Ethan or Millie ever were!

You would think after three kids; I would know the ins and outs of how to ween your child off you when they fall asleep (it’s a lot harder than it looks.) So, instead of boasting about how wonderful Xander is, I’d thought I’d share with you a few items to help Xander sleep on his own!

Memory Foam Baby Pillow

Who would’ve thought they would invent such a fantastic product for babies? Not only does this baby pillow help prevent flat head syndrome, but it has also helped with Xander’s Gerd! This pillow keeps him slightly elevated so his airflow smoothly while he is sleeping! I am confident enough to keep this pillow in his crib/bassinet while he is asleep without having to worry about his safety.


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best baby products to help your baby sleep

This is a given! That little boy can’t go a minute without his pacifier! For some reason, he stays asleep much longer when he’s sucking on it.

Swaddler or Wearable Blankets

Since day one, Xander has loved to be swaddled with his blanket. It’s amazing how comfortable he can get all wrapped up. I noticed instead of using a blanket that he can clearly kick off after a while they will wake up out of discomfort. So, purchased wearable blankets as well.

Mobile or nightlight

Xander is fascinated with his mobile. I could put him to bed within a few minutes once his mobile light is on. I never used the mobile with Ethan or Millie, assuming it was just an accessory. I never thought how helpful it is.

Lavender Lotion and Oils

Lavender is seriously God Sent! I put lotion or oils on Xander all the time before bedtime, and he seems to stay asleep a lot longer from the calming of the cream and oil. I swear by this 100%. Lavander is the way to go!

One major tip: a lot of moms try to have a super quiet environment for your babies to fall asleep. Do not do this! Coming from a house with the tv always blasting or kids always yelling, I have gotten Xander used to the loud noise so that every little thing won’t wake him up! It’s helped us tremendously!


Is there any products out there that help your babies sleep? I would love to hear about them!