How to help your children stay focused

how to help your children focus

Last week was Ethan’s parent-teacher conference, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. We were proud to find out that he has improved beyond expectations since he first started school, yay Ethan! Even though he is progressing in his learning, one thing his teacher told us was that he was having a hard time “focusing” during school work, whether he gets distracted by his friends, or loses his train of thought. We knew this was affecting him at school because it was happening at home too.

So, Joe and I are trying to work with him on staying focus, especially when he’s home from school and it’s study time. Here are a few things I found helped Ethan improve.

Set rules

If Ethan comes home with a high number on his daily report card (which typically means he wasn’t listening to his teacher or messing around when he shouldn’t be), we will take away his gamepad and TV privileges for the entire day. Setting this rule has shown him if he isn’t behaving at school, there will be consequences.

Make a routine out of homework time

Nothing sets a better example than to have a structured schedule set for homework time. As soon as E gets home from school, he is allowed one snack and 30 minutes of play or “relaxed” time. When I am in the middle of making dinner, he stays in the kitchen with me and does one page of homework. A half hour before his bedtime, we read him one book.

Turn off all technology

Nothing’s more distracting than having the television or music playing in the background while you’re doing homework. I make sure Millie or any of us are watching TV when Ethan is doing his homework. This is proven to help him finish a lot faster than we would have if the tv were on.

Get younger/older sibilants involved in homework time.

During the time Ethan sits down for homework, we have Millie sit beside him and color in her coloring book or play with puzzles. This helps set structure for her as well and lets her know that study time is quiet and relax time as well.

Intune focus blend essential oil.

My friend Lindsey sent me this oil when I was in labor with Xander. We are FIRM believers in essential oils, and I have found rubbing this oil on Ethan’s neck before and after school has affected him in a positive way, this oil helps to enhance the senses and sustain focus, the InTune blend is perfect for staying on task when you are trying to study or concentrate.

If you’re interested in knowing more about how oils can benefit your everyday life, please contact  Lindsay directly at

Always set a positive attitude

Nothing is more frustrating than your kid not trying as hard as we know they can. There have been plenty of times when I have sat down with Ethan to help him with his homework, and after repeating myself multiple times, I have wanted to give up. Setting a calm and positive demeanor has helped Ethan feel comfortable with giving an effort and has helped him build the confidence he needs to show himself that “he can do it.”

We are so proud of Ethan and the journey we are going on with him as new parents to kids in school. These tips will help us help Millie when she starts attending school, and maybe just maybe, one day Joe will have the confidence to let me homeschool our children.


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    Amanda Schaff

    March 20, 2017

    Thanks so much for sharing all your mama wisdom! I am mom to Julian, 5, Ada, soon to be 3, and Graham, 6 months. I know what you mean about not getting to the gym… I recently downloaded the Beachbody App and can find so many great workouts – some just 10 min. I find 10 min is better than none and some days if baby is napping and kids are busy playing I can even get 30 min! Also, we homeschool or as we like to call it unschool here, and it allows such creativity, freedom and flexibility for each of my children to learn how they like to. My oldest boy who is 5 loves to move move move so kindergarten where he wouldn’t get outside for recess until 2pm and only for 3omin just wasn’t an option for us… now he can get outside first thing which he loves, and learn in bursts, 2o min here, there and have plenty of play time. Thanks again for sharing!