5 Tips on keeping up with your loads of laundry

easy way to keep up with laundry
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Simple Laundry routine
Create a routine that will help you with laundry easy way to keep up with laundry tips on getting yourself into a laundry routine
Am I the only one who tells myself to pretend to have my entire life together? My house cleaned, my kids bathed every night, dinner on the table before Joe gets home. I want to be that mom! Before Xander came along I had it easy, and I could honestly tell you, my entire life was organized! Now my days come with way more messes, less cleaning, and a lot of baby cuddles! So I guess I shouldn’t be complaining, right? 
Well, there is nothing worse than feeling defeated after a long day of mamahood. I feel like my work doesn’t shut off until I do. So I guess being put on a schedule & routine is what will make me sane these days! It’s a little difficult to stick to a routine, so training myself is definitely in order! I wanted to share with you guys my “Laundry Routine.” Nothing makes my life a little easier than having the laundry done every day, and clothes being put away! For the last few weeks, I have done this exact thing, and it has helped my wife duties skills about 68% more (I totally just made up that number!)
1. Every night I do a load of laundry! I ALWAYS wait until Joe gets home because it seems he needs his work clothes washed every night. So right before dinner, I put a load of laundry in the wash. And right before I go to sleep, I put the clothes in the dryer! 
2. Every morning after breakfast, I take the clothes that are in the dryer and fold them on my already made bed. 
3. Now here’s the part I struggle with the most! Putting away the clothes! I tell myself that I cannot make lunch until all the clothes are hung and put away in the right spot. I make sure to put the clothes away right after I fold them, or else I’ll get side tracked and won’t do it. So getting over the “ugh I don’t want to put these clothes away,” sucking it up, and doing it has helped me! 
4. If I need to handwash my clothes or try to fight stains, I always soak my clothes in the sink right after breakfast, so they are ready to be hung and dry before bedtime! Also, my go-to for stains is Persil laundry detergent. It’s a 2n1 formula laundry detergent that helps fight stains while in the wash! Makes those scrubbing days a lot easier on me! 
5. Now for me, I try to wash pillow cases and sheets once a week. Tuesdays work perfect for me, because by this time my house is cleaned from the weekend, and I’m caught up with all my emails. I like to wash first thing in the morning, so by nap time the kids can nap with dry sheets.
This routine takes 20 minutes (if that) of my day, and I do this Monday through Friday (I don’t do laundry on the weekends!)
With the Help of Persil laundry detergent, my new favorite! I do not need to sit at my sink and scrub any stained clothes, or even worse… Xander’s white onesies! This laundry detergent is pretty much god sent and even better, you can get it at your local Walmart! Which ours is the closest store to our house! 
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*Thank you Persil for partnering up with us on this post.*


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    Sandra Crespo

    March 2, 2017

    Ty for sharing ! As a full time rv family I wish I could do laundry every day lol. We really need to get ourselves a washer and dryer!! I haven’t tried that soap yet I am running low on detergent so I know what I’m getting next !