An Update On Millie

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Hey, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend because I know we sure did! Many of you who follow us on social media, know that Millie has had a fever for over a week! We are talking 104.4 type of fever, where she slept the entire day. What’s weird about this though was she was acting completely normal, absolutely no other signs! Well, on day 5 of her fever, she woke up with “pains” In her neck. She was having a hard time putting her head back while drinking out of a cup, and even when I was washing her hair, she couldn’t put her head back. This scared me because of course, I googled and already diagnosed her with “Stiff neck,” which is the main symptom for Meningitis… No, she doesn’t have it. Praise Jesus! We ended up taking her to the Dr first thing Thursday morning because it was day 6 of her fever and no signs of clearing up.

As soon as we got to the Dr’s, we were met with a high fever, and Millie’s doctor found a huge bump behind her neck/Ears. Within an instant, they were swabbing her throat for Strep Throat, and a few minutes after that about three more doctors entered the room. They questioned if we had a cat or any interactions with Cats, or If we have traveled out of the country. With the most serious looks on all the doctor’s faces, they “Premature” diagnosed her with Tuberculosis. Such a big word for such a little girl. All I could think about was, how? Hesitant, they decided to send us home with strong antibiotics, before sending us to the ER. They gave us strict orders to go to the ER if her bump and/or her fever didn’t subside within 24 hours. Thankfully her fever didn’t come back the next day, and her bump is definitely going down. This weekend, was the first day in a while, where she felt well enough to leave the house. So, ultimately we went to the park of course!

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