9 Family friendly movies to rent on Redbox Today!

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Family Friendly Redbox movies

If it’s one thing Joe and I both learned having three children, it is that staying home is the best option for any weekend night! Don’t get me wrong, we love going out and having fun, but sometimes the best choice is just to stay cozy and comfortable with a movie night! We normally let the kids choose their favorite kid movie, and then after bedtime Joe and I get to watch movies of our choice!


We like to start movie night with a simple dinner and end it with lots of snacks! Ethan and Millie love having candy with their popcorn! Or sometimes we will take them to the gas station and let them choose an Icee. SOMETIMES. We try to keep the sugar to a minimum before bedtime, but we do let them splurge every once in a while. For easy snacks, we like to go for Tyson® products! They’re easy to make and such a great movie snack.



Here are a few of our favorite family movies that we can all agree on, and another great thing is we can pick them up at our local Redbox!


  1. The Secret Life Of Pets
  2. Finding Dory
  3. The Jungle Book
  4. Ninja Turtles
  5. The Angry Birds Movie
  6. ZooTopia
  7. Alice Through The Looking Glass
  8. Pete’s Dragon
  9. BFG


    Right now if you visit your local Walmart and purchase any 2 of Jimmy Dean®, State Fair®, or Tyson® participating products and snap a photo of your receipt to www.TysonFreeMovieNight.com you can qualify for two Redbox promo codes each valid for a free 1-night DVD rental* for the perfect movie night!

    We would love to hear from you all on which movies do you and your family like to watch together? Sometimes finding a film for kids and parents to watch together are hard.


    *Thank you Tyson Foods and Walmart for partnering up with us on this post*




February 13, 2017