Refresh, Set, Glow with Sephora Inside JCPenney

Hey, Guys! I recently teamed up with JCPenney and Sephora to let you guys in on a fun new way to kick off the new year and get your glam-on- the-go with their Sephora Favorites Refresh, Set, and Glow Kit. I’m not much of a glam gal myself, but I can always count on Sephora to put together the best kits, with products that I truly love and would use on a day-to- day basis!

Some of my favorite items inside the kit are the Mini Foreo (Which allows you to clean your face on-the- go), the Ole face wipes which also brighten, hydrates, and cleanse all in one, Origin GinZing Moisturizer, and the Fresh sugar lips treatment ( love the color and the feel).

I love having a Sephora inside my local JCPenney, because it really is a one-stop shop for fashion and beauty, and I can always find my favorite skin care products there. Here are a few photos of the items that I received in my kit:



To check out Sephora’s skincare products inside JCPenney please click here


*Thank you JCPenney for partnering up with us on this post.*

February 13, 2017