How I got a beautiful Brow

So A few months ago I decided to do something BIG like I honestly never thought I would do before… I decided to get my Eyebrows Micro bladed, which is basically a fancy term for a semi tattoo. I never actually heard about it until about a few months ago when Jessica from Microblading Scottsdale LLC contacted me. Before I get into too much detail, Let’s just start off by saying many of you know the struggle I have been through with my eyebrows. I never really found my “Shape,” If I even had one? I have never been able to maintain a beautiful brow, and quite honestly that was one of my many insecurities. I hated the way I drew in my eyebrows, and I never really got the concept down. I guess you can say I won’t be getting a job as a makeup artist anytime soon.

Well, When Jessi contacted me, I had a little bit of comfort knowing that someone professional wanted to help me with my overdue brows. We were able to schedule my appointment after Xander was born, and before the day finally came, Jessica helped me understand what I was getting myself into. The day of my appt, she told me to come in with how I “Normally” draw in my eyebrows. She was able to see how I personally liked my brows, and although I desperately wanted her advice on a shape, she played around with my eyebrow shape until I really liked them. The process took about 2-3 hours, and the healing process took about one month exactly. Can we just take a moment and appreciate good work when you see it? Below Is my before and after photo!

Are you in the Scottsdale or East Valley area? Make sure you check our Jessi over at Microblading Scottsdale and let her know I sent you! 

Scottsdale Arizona Microblade

January 23, 2017