Our Stay At The Hilton Squaw Peak Resort


We asked Millie what she wanted to do for her birthday, and the first thing that she said was “I want to stay at a hotel that has fun kid stuff.” So, what better way then to spend our weekend than at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort located in Phoenix.

We spent our entire weekend at the resort playing miniature golf, swimming (yes, swimming during winter), and eating an endless amount of Dip’n’Dots. It was 65 degrees outside, and although there was a nice breeze, the pools were heated, and the kids loved the lazy river.

The funniest thing, after we were done swimming Millie and Ethan wanted ice cream, but they were soo cold. They kept shivering but taking huge mouthful bites of their ice creams. They even finished the entire thing because Dip N Dots are that good! Have you ever had any?

Joe and I wanted to take Millie out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and invited her best friends, My parents. She was so shy when the employees came out with a huge Godiva chocolate cheesecake, but she DID blow out the candles! On our way back to the hotel, E and I decided to run up to the hotel first to hide her birthday presents all around the room for a fun little game of hide n seek.

We came up to the room and noticed that the front desk of the hotel left Millie a little birthday treat, her favorite treat, COOKIES! She felt so special that they brought her some treats. She kept asking “But, how do they know it’s my birthday?” Thank you, Hilton, for making her feel so loved. The funny part is that little to our surprise Ethan ended up eating most of the cookies.

We all around had a fun weekend, and cannot wait to go back during the summer to enjoy the fun water park Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort offers all their guest! Here are some photos from this weekend:

Family Friendly Phoenix Resort

PoINt hilton Squaw Peak resort

Phoenix Family friendly resort




*Thank you Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort for partnering up with us on this post .*