Winter Break recap 2016

Way Basics Bookshelves for living room


I’m so sad that today is Friday! I don’t know why winter break came and went so fast. Having Ethan home the last few weeks is going to make it hard to take him back to school, I seriously just want to homeschool him, but the thought of taking him away from all the friends he has made just breaks my heart. Well, and that Joe’s not convinced that I have the time or energy to school him. I don’t blame him; my life is such a mess right now. Lol, I need to get back on a routine and drink some seriously strong coffee.

This break was so so much fun. Having Joe home seriously spoiled me, and I honestly dream of the day where he will be able to work from home (It’s something we are currently working on). I love spending our days together. Our winter break consisted of sleeping in, board games, and a lot of take-out food! We are totally living the dream, right?! We went to San Diego, we took the kids ice skating, and we even went to Sea world, you can see the recap of our vacation here.

One of my favorite projects was Joe finally putting up these shelves we got from Way Basics. Our living is still semi-empty, but that’s just because I keep forgetting to fill it, So these shelves give our living room the perfect touch we needed. I have always wanted bookshelves throughout our house, but have always struggled what to add to them…. You would think just books, right? Wrong! Pinterest has so many unique ideas on what to add to your bookshelves to make them look so cute. Joe and I want to put vintage looking books, with a few nick nacks and matching picture frames. These shelves can also be used for the floor, but we liked the idea of having them hung! 🙂

Check out these exact bookshelves here, or if you’d like more of an option click here.


January 4, 2017