The Owlet Baby Monitor For Baby Xander



When I find a cool new gadget for my kids, I just want to scream it out to the world. But for now, I will write about it on my blog and pray that you will seriously consider investing in this must have baby monitor for your future baby or current child.

While Xander is currently sleeping in his crib, I’m totally not hovering over him because he is wearing his Owlet baby monitor sock. Have you heard of it? It’s the next best thing since well; I don’t know…. ever? The technology that is out there is no joke and this owlet sock is perfect for any worry warts of a mother out there like me. There is no shame in that!

This monitor fits in the comfort of a wireless sock that will monitor your babies Oxygen Level and Heart Rate while they’re sleeping and is designed to alert you if your child stops breathing. It’s no secret that Joe and I are guilty of co-sleeping and a huge role of that is because I never felt completely safe with the kids being so far away from us while we are sleeping. I’m not joking when I say I feel like I haven’t had a full night rest since Ethan has been born. I always sleep with one eye open (Not really, but I’m always alert even while I’m asleep). Since Xander has his nursery, Joe and I are determined to have him sleep in his room, and the Owlet monitor will give me a huge piece of mind during the night. So I can try to get a good nights sleep while Owlet does the work for me watching my baby.

Did I mention that you can download the app, and get notified and LIVE stats coming from your phone? NO JOKE, why wasn’t this thing around when Ethan and Millie were little? Our lives would’ve been so much easier! I also really like that since it’s so cold at night I am still able to put a footie pajama on him or socks and the monitor still works. It fits babies up to 18-months-old, so there are different size socks, Xander is currently in size 2!

Personally I dont think any mom should ever go without sleep. If you’d like to learn more head on over to their website CLICK HERE.



*Thank you Owlet for partnering up with us on this post.*

January 4, 2017


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