Holiday Vacation to San Diego 2016

Last week we took a trip down to San Diego, and we haven’t had that much fun in a long time! Joe had been gone for over two weeks, and we were just looking forward to spending time as a family again. We were lucky to have the Hilton Bayfront host us during our stay and it was a huge hit with the kids. Leaving our Christmas tree, and all our Christmas traditions behind for a few day getaway did not disappoint us. Hilton Bayfront had a “Holiday by the Bay” going on, which lead us to drink the endless amount of hot chocolate and eating tons of dessert, along with taking the kids to their ice skating rink!



Joe is a semi-pro ice skater (totally being sarcastic), and surprisingly we have never taken the kids. So when they put on their skates, they were ready to go! It wasn’t easy for them but they had fun trying! As Joe would say it, Ethan was like a baby horse trying to balance on his legs. Haha! It was hilarious!

We visited some family and headed to downtown San Diego to try out their Mexican restaurants. We had the best guacamole ever! We also had time to do some last Christmas shopping at the Horton Plaza, and Millie was a brave cookie and wanted to get her ears pierced! I can honestly say, I wanted to cry more than she did. She did great! 


 The kids also enjoyed the huge gingerbread house they had displayed in the lobby, omg talk about So. Much. Candy! It was so cool seeing how creative the Hilton chefs got and made a fun treat for all their guests! From Christmas trees they had displayed all around their hotel, to our hotel room views, to the friendly staff, and Christmas crafts. We kept occupied with all the neat things going on around us. 

On our last day of our trip and the day San Diego decided on rain, we went to Sea World. We have never been as a family and Millie and Ethan had so much fun learning about undersea creatures. The dolphins and orcas were their favorite (ours too.) they were able to meet Rudolph and Joe had the courage to take Ethan to get soaked on the raft ride! Poor guy, got so wet lol.


We want to thank Lexus for partnering up with us and letting us test drive their new Lexus 450h! Something about a new upgraded car, keeps our feet on the ground and makes us dream big. A smooth ride, great gas mileage, and lots of space for us all. This car is something we consider for our next car!

Thank you Hilton Bayfront for hosting our stay, and letting us enjoy your #Holidaybythebay. We had a blast!