How many of you moms like to wear your babies? When I had Millie, I had no choice but to wear her because she was so clingy to me and never let me put her down. Out of self-conscience, I ordered a few wraps just in case Xander was the same way.

I didn’t realize how much I love to wear my babies until Xander didn’t cry for me to hold him. I started missing him. I mean, I did carry him in my womb for ten months… almost 11. So yes, I wear him every chance I get. It’s just a comfort thing for me, and I’m sure most of you mamas can relate.

I find it adorable how snuggled baby Alex likes to be,  He loves to be swaddled or cozied up doing skin to skin with me, and having him wrapped up against me keeps him so cozied and he sleeps the whole time. My baby beluga wrap makes it easy for us, as it is lightweight and breathable so we both don’t end up sweaty. Also pretty much would be stuck at home all the time without these baby wraps. Having those extra set of hands to control Ethan and Millie helps so much! Not to mention, my wrap has a mini pocket so I am able to keep my phone and keys close to me. SCORE!

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This lightweight, comfortable, and stylish baby carrier is my #1 recommendation for all moms! They also have tutorials on helping you wrap your baby comfortably and safely. So what are you waiting for? Order yours today!