It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and I would like to think that I have gotten most of our Christmas shopping done before we head to California next week, but let’s be honest. I only have two presents under our tree. My nerves are semi sinking in.  It seems like every year Joe and I agree on simple things for each other and the kids, but then we see the kids Christmas list, and it is everything BUT simple, and Joe ALWAYS caves and goes all out for them anyways. lol
With Joe being gone this last week I was able to take advantage and buy his presents before everyone else. I’m almost embarrassed to say this, but every year he and I have spent Christmas together, he has taken back ALOT of the presents I have bought for him to either exchange or return. So as of last year, we have both learned that it would save me time, and his money if he were just to send me the exact links of what he wants. I’d like to blame it on him being way too particular for my own good. Or it could be that after 11 years of knowing him I just don’t have a grip on what he likes yet… yikes (I’ll let that one sink in)! So needless to say, everyone will be satisfied this year!

I think we can all agree that Joe is a better gift wrapper than I am, he also enjoys it a lot more than I do. It’s always so fun staying up way passed out bedtime wrapping the kid’s presents and just having that quiet time to ourselves. I love date nights! Anyways, I decided since I have been obsessed with sharing my life through my photos. That this year I would order our customized wrapping paper that is my Instagram feed from PinPaper Press– It’s a fun new company that takes your personal Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest photos and creates a unique custom wrapping paper.

Being that we welcomed out new baby boy into the family last month, and how much our life has grown overall in the last few months, our Pinpaper gift wrap is seriously something so memorable. Every single photo that I take tells a story, a story of the life that Joe and I have created together, and nothing speaks louder to me than the memories we will be able to hold on to for forever with the photos that we share. We decided to make this a fun new tradition to buy our customized gift wrap because the kids had a blast pointing at all the photos. “Mom, remember this picture when you still had Xander in your belly…” Or “I spy Ethan at the fair…” Such a fun thing to do with the kids, especially while looking back through all the fun times we have had this year.

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*Thank you Pinpaper Press for sponsoring this post.*

December 14, 2016