We are three weeks in from being a family of five! It’s been a dream. Although, we are still learning how to get into a routine with having a newborn, we are slowly learning what Xander loves and hates and let me just say he is most likely my easiest baby (from what I can remember). Yes, he loves mommy’s arms. But, I can put him down for more than a few hours without hearing a peep from him… Ethan and Millie never slept unless in my arms. So this is SUCH A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!

I would love to think that it’s all Xander but if I’m completely honest with you all. He definitely wouldn’t be as easy of a baby without the help of all these awesome new baby gear. I was very simple with Millie and E, mainly because we had a lot of baby gear passed down to us. So being blessed to be able to afford the things we can with Xander is an understatement. It has made this mama a lot less exhausted, a lot happier, and has given me extra helping hands that was much needed.

I’m not going to lie when I say I don’t ever hold him because 50% of the time he is in my hands but without this dock, showers would be nonexistent, and I would NEED coffee in the mornings. This baby bed has been a huge game changer for me. I have been able to co-sleep with him during the days, and I can place him in his dock without having to worry about the dangers of having him on my bed.

Having him cozied up is a given 90% of the time. He loves to be swaddled and cuddled, and that’s exactly what Dockatot does. This Dock not only keeps him secure but he feels nestled enough to sleep for hours. I feel 100% safe with him on my bed in the Dock. I’m sure all my breastfeeding mamas can understand how hard it is NOT to co-sleep with your littles because there is no way getting out of bed 3-4 times a night is possible. Particularly for those who have cluster feeders like me!

Dockatot is also a perfect item to take with you during your travels, as you can’t take the bassinet or crib with you (obviously). I plan to pack this bad boy up with us on our trip to San Diego in a few weeks!

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