This week has been nothing but pure bliss! Sure, plenty of poopy diapers, spit-ups, and a lot of sleepless nights. But oh man, Xander’s sweet smell, cute chunky cheeks, and the way his older brother and sister look at him with AWE, makes every hiccup worth it. Waiting 41 weeks to meet him was so worth it. Labor was easy, and recovery has seemed to be a lot faster than normal, and I’m just so blessed to be home with our hands full, but our hearts fuller.

The first few days we have not put Xander down. Because who doesn’t love newborn snuggles? Knowing my husband will be returning to work soon, I am so lucky we decided to collaborate with Fisher Price with their new Jonathan Adler’s collection. It will help me with an extra set of hands when my husband is gone, and not to mention it will keep all of us occupied when mommy needs to get things done around the house.

Being a Mom to toddlers and a newborn I can’t imagine life without all the gadgets out to help a lending hand. Finding this chic collection from Jonathan Adler has made me so excited to decorate my house in baby gear because it’s cute and not flashy like your standard baby gear.

My favorite piece from the Jonathan Adler collection is the Deluxe Rock N Play Sleeper. Not only does it play soothing music, but it rocks back and forth, and vibrates. This sleeper puts a whole new meaning to baby soothing. It comes in handy, and is way better than any other Swing or Sleeper that I have researched! It matches perfect with Xander’s nursery, and I love the wooden touches on this pieces.

One of Millie’s favorite is the Sensory Gym, with all the cute animals and pop of color, she is SO excited for when Xander will be old enough to play with her. She loves laying down with him and showing him all his cool new toys that he is still way too little to play.

We also got the privilege to try out the  Deluxe High Chair, which also has my favorite wooden touches. Total Chic, and will come in handy when Xander is ready for solids!

Even though Xander is only a few days old, I know we made the right choice choosing to go with this Jonathan Adler collection, because Fisher Price is our number one choice for baby gear. The chic look that this collection brings won’t make our house look like a day care and will keep it looking more like our home. You can now purchase this collection exclusively at BuyBuyBaby. CLICK HERE 

*Thank you FisherPrice for partnering up with us on this post.*

November 20, 2016