Ah, guys! I have been MIA for an entire month, thinking that baby would be here “any day now.” Well, that’s obviously not the case. I’m 40 weeks pregnant and STILL NO BABY. But that’s okay, I have had a fantastic “Break” from social media, and work, and now I am more than ready for this little stinker to come! Whenever you’re willing to love, we will be waiting….
I wanted to share with you all what I have packed in mine and the baby’s hospital bag, that has been collecting dust on the baby’s rocker for well over a month now. I have probably washed and rearranged the clothes about twice already. I can’t help but get so excited to dress him in the cutest newborn outfits we have for him.

One of the best investments while packing the hospital bag were my EZPackingPacking Cubes, they are easily the most convenient accessory to use while packing, it keeps all your items organized and in one place!


    • ​3 NightGowns– I decided to make it simple and get together a few postpartum nightgowns, to make myself comfortable while getting used to breastfeeding baby and recovering.
    • 2 Nursing Bras– Nursing bras are God Send for mothers who are breastfeeding. I ordered a few new ones from bravado designs.
    • Comfy Socks–  We all know how cold those hospitals can be, and apparently walking barefoot on the hospital floor can be quite uncomfortable, I picked up a few fuzzy socks from Target!
    • Robes– I got the most adorable robes from PinkBlush Maternity, and although they are super comfortable to wear, they’re completely adorable for photos and visitors! Here are the two I ordered and have packed in my bag.
    • Medela Breast Feeding Products– Nipple shield, Nipple Cream, breast pads and gel pads to relieve any discomfort the first days of feeding your newborn. Not sure how this little babe will do with breastfeeding, so I came prepared!
    • Toiletries– Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Toothpaste, Hair Brush, Hair ties, Headbands, face wipes, rubber sandals for the shower, and chapstick! I remember my lips being so chapped, so I made sure to bring plenty!
    • Essential Oils– I loved my oils throughout this pregnancy, I made sure I grabbed all the oils needed for a smooth delivery and recovery, and can’t forget about the baby! Here is the list of oils I have packed:
      •  Back Labor Support Blend:  Wintergreen, Peppermint, & Aromatouch. Helps with Back pain during labor.
      • Stalled Labor Support Blend: Clary Calm, & Myrrh to help bring on Contractions and get things moving if labor is stalled.
      • Focus Mama Blend: Peppermint, & Wild Orange to relax and focus.
      • Post Delivery Aches Blends: Lavender, & White Fir to her soothe those achy abdomen muscles after birth. (I remember with both kids this pain was unreal. I remember feeling so helpless with the uncomfortableness. So having this oil is A MUST!!!)
      • Hormone Balancer Blend: Clary Calm (a blend made by Doterra) for helping balance emotions, releasing tension from the uterus and balancing hormones.
      • Balance For Babe: Apply neat to bottom of feet once babe is born to help aid in grounding and reduce the stress of being born.
      • Frankincense For Babe: Apply to crown of head after birth to aid in protection and bonding.
      • Myrrh For Babe:Apply to umbilical stump, acts like a band aid, seals tissues and protects the body systems.
    • My makeup– During labor, I plan to be barefaced, but of course Need my makeup for after delivery for some family photos!
    • Throw Blanket– I always need a piece of home with me at the hospital, so one of my blankets and pillows make me feel 2x’s more comfortable.


    • 4 White Onesies– My personal favorite are the ones with the built in mittens because we all know how those little nails make it to their face very often!
    • 2 Swaddle blankets– I ordered these adorable blankets from Little Panache– My favorite prints are the Moose and the Feather prints.
    • Nursing Cover & Nursing Blanket– I expect to have visitors, so having my nursing scarf will come in handy, as well as the comfort of my nursing pillow, both purchased at be beau lait.
    • Baby brush– I already know my little man will come out with a bunch of hair. I’m not sure if I will use it, but packing it just in case.
    • Nightgowns and Beanies– I ordered these adorable Beanies and Nightgowns from my favorite little shop KB CUTIES.
    • Socks/Pants/and going home outfit– I may have overpacked on newborn clothes, I mean can you blame me for being so excited?
    • Pacifier– I ordered a few Natursutten Butterfly Orthodontic Pacifiers from Ryan and Rose with an added Pacifier clips.
    • Diaper Bag– This has his additional Diaper/ Wipes/ ointments/ Changing Pad/ etc. I don’t plan on using any of these items, as my hospital already gives us a pack of diapers and wipes.
    I found that My Ezpacking Storage Cubes have made it much easier to share one large suitcase for baby and I, instead of packing two separate bags. My entire bag is organized with mine and baby’s items.

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