For my close family and friends, this has been no secret that the last few weeks I have been dealing with moments of depression and anxiety during this pregnancy. It’s been pretty embarrassing for me to admit because I have always been so happy and have always seemed to have myself together as a mother and wife. But recently I have not been myself; I try to cover up a lot of my emotions and ignore the fact that every day has been a struggle for me as a mama and wife. Most days I’m happy, I’m unmotivated to get most housework done, but I’m happy. But at night I seem to get a sense of an overwhelming feeling that leaves me feeling empty and alone, which has been hard because my heart has always been so full, I know I am blessed, and I love life. ​
Not only have these feelings been shutting out my husband and kids, but it has left me feeling undefeated and scared that I am not ready to have another child. I feel useless and honestly just an overall bad mom and wife. Dinners are rarely made, my laundry hardly done, and if it weren’t for my husband, my kids wouldn’t get bathed as often. There are just some days I can’t get out of bed, and I feel so unmotivated to do anything.

I always knew there was such thing as postpartum depression, and how it affects more than 20% of women. Thankfully I have never had postpartum after any of my births, and I never knew that depression and anxiety were so common during pregnancy. It scares me because I know I’m most likely to be affected by postpartum as well.

I finally decided to research more into how to help myself get out of this darkness because I know if I consult my doctor, she will prescribe me an antidepressant. I’m not against these as I know many people who it has helped wonders, but my deepest fear is I’ll need to be dependent on antidepressants, and that is the last thing I would want. So, I decided to research on ways to lift up my spirits, and indeed help me feel better about myself on a day to day basis. I’m not going to lie and say I’m all the better because there are days where I just can’t handle life. But, I know If I keep installing these techniques, I will get better in time.


​I remember calling my mom one night crying to her saying that I couldn’t handle my everyday life and that my heart just wouldn’t stop hurting. I told her I was scared for when the baby was going to get here because I knew I was still going to feel this way, and not be able to handle a newborn. I remember telling her I’m going to lose myself, and I’m scared. The only thing she said to me was “If you keep telling yourself this, and thinking this way, it’s going to happen. Be confident, and know who you truly are. You’re a beautiful mother; your kids need you, and so does your husband.” This set off a switch because I knew she was right. I need to keep myself thinking positive, or else I will never get over this feeling. If I keep telling myself “I got this,” I will eventually feel confident enough and know I GOT THIS.


​One of my biggest problems right now is keeping all my emotions to myself. My husband will come home, and be clueless to what I’m feeling, and it aggravates me when I don’t see him giving me the attention I want. I often hear him tell me “What can I do to help you?” or “What’s wrong?” I even hear him often ask me “What did I do to make you so mad/sad?” and to be honest, I have so many emotions, all he needs to do is place his wallet and keys on the counter, and it will set out all these emotions. This has put an enormous strain on our marriage. I expect him to read my mind, and I expect so much from him, and it still isn’t good enough. I have learned the past few times when I’m feeling overwhelmed that if I tell him, I need a break. He knows to keep the kids occupied so I can gather my thoughts and relax. He has been so helpful, and I know it’s because I have been expressing to him exactly how I have been feeling. The nights where I am feeling alone and empty, I have turned to him, and it has made me sleep easier at night. Communication with your loved ones help tremendously, and I’m thankful to have a loving, non-judging husband to help me when I need him the most.


​The other day, my mother in law told me ” You aren’t getting enough rest.” Which kind of threw me off, because I’ve been spending most my days in bed, and I nap about two times a day now, or whenever I can. So I felt that I am already super lazy, how much more rest do I need? Until recently, I felt like even though I was laying in bed, and my eyes are shut, doesn’t mean my mind turns off. I am constantly thinking of all the things I need to get done, and with all of that I hardly “REST.” I lay down, but my mind keeps going, and it boosts up a lot of anxiety and unnerving feelings. I have found that using my lavender essential oils, and drinking lavender teas throughout the day has helped me relax and not bombard myself with so many things to think about.


I have been using a few of my favorite pregnancy oils to help me put my hormone balance back into place, and yes they have been working. The biggest help has been my “Happy Mama Blend.” It contains Wild Orange, Lavender,  Ylang Ylang, & Sandalwood for soothing Anxiety and Stress. When I received it, I honestly never thought I would need it, but using it 3-4 times a day has kept me a little calmer and has helped with the anxiety feeling I have been getting. Learn more about the oils I take during this pregnancy HERE


I don’t often eat healthy because I have the biggest sweet tooth ever. But I have heard a healthy and balanced meal with fish and seafood as it contains omega-3 fatty acids that work wonders regarding reducing depression. I have been going for walks nightly now that the weather has cooled down, and it has helped clear my mind off things as well. Having a bit of fresh air, when you are feeling overwhelmed will contribute to reducing stress.
A lot of pregnant women  aren’t aware of the benefits of Essential Oils during pregnancy, and how much it could help you on a day to day basis- Sleeping, body aches, depression, etc.
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    December 31, 2016

    Thank you so much for this article. This is so me right now, it’s so accurate as if I wrote it myself! I am pregnant with my 4th child and I feel like I am loosing it. Never tired essential oils before, but considering it if it will help out even a little. I feel like I have no one to talk to, my husband doesn’t understand at all, he thinks it’s his job that is affecting everything, and he has no clue. When I try to explain how I am feeling it doesn’t come out right and we end up arguing. I am not close to my mother and my best friend and I no longer speak so I feel alone. But just wanted to say Thank you for this article, I don’t feel like what is wrong with me as much.

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      January 2, 2017

      Hi Ashley! So sorry you’re going through this. I understand your feeling of being alone, because I felt that exact way! Please do not hesitate to email me if you want to talk

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      January 15, 2017

      Thank you so much for posting this piece. I have dealt with depression and anxiety throughout my pregnancy and found myself nodding and agreeing with everything you said. I recently have been fired from my job at 9 months pregnant without any warning and no cause, these past few days have been some of the hardest of my life and I am glad to hear your methods of coping as I try to cope myself. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I do the same for you. Again thank you for your candid post.

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    Isaura salazar

    January 29, 2017

    I am literately crying right now and so glad I found your page. I am currently at the beginning of my very first pregnancy and I am feeling exactly everything that you just talked about. I seroiusly thought I was the only one. I am not a big fan of any type of meds and my biggest fear is getting hooked on them but seeing that you’ve used other ways to control it just made my day because I honestly thought their was no way to get out of it. I’m tired of trying to explain the way I feel to people and them just looking at me all crazy. I haven’t been able to sleep at night for the past month. My anxiety has never been this out of hand I’ve never felt so worthless in my life that I even feared my baby’s arrival. I’m a packer at Amazon and I pack all these essential oils all day and honestly I thought they were pointless but I would deffenetly be giving them a try. Thank you so much for your tips!

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    March 19, 2017

    Thank you so much for posting this. Just sat here feeling totally alone with my feelings and your blog popped up at just the right moment. ❤️

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    December 30, 2017

    I am literally crying reading this post because I am pregnant and this is exactly how I’m feeling. I’ve been on an antidepressant/ anxiety pill for years now and got off of it when I found out I was pregnant. I do not want to get back on it so thank you for the advice.