This weekend was all about preparing for baby! Not only did I get all his drawers organized and his clothes washed and hung up. I was able to arrange his diaper bag and pick out his coming home outfit. This pregnancy has by far been my hardest because I am having a hard time wrapping my head around being a mother of three! ​
Seeing my children excited to become a big brother/sister to their little brother always brings me back to a sense of calmness knowing that I got this! No matter the amount of sleepless nights that are still to come, the moments where I will most likely feel defeated and exhausted, and the amount of patience I will need to instill in myself. Seeing my kids adore the baby’s coming home outfit and just having it prepared and ready to take to the hospital, has made my heart so happy. I cried. Happy tears that is. I cried because, in 7 short weeks, this baby in my belly will be in this outfit and our whole world will change within this moment. It’s all so surreal.

When we started picking out clothes for baby #3, we knew the majority of it would be coming from Gymboree. It’s our favorite baby clothing store. From 100% combed-cotton to adorable prints and colors, I have found that their clothes are the softest and the most useful when it comes to a newborn. Having fold over mitten cuffs designed in their onesies along with their mix and match designs that let you change up an outfit is a must!

Gymboree is currently teaming up with six of our favorite brands to bring moms-to-be the ultimate bundle for their baby. They’re  giving away over $2,000 in prizes from Gymboree, Land of Nod, Seventh Generation, 4moms, Baby Bjorn, and Munchkin. CLICK HERE to enter! ​
*Thank you Gymboree for partnering up with us on this post. *

September 5, 2016