If I had to do this pregnancy all over, I would carry sticky notes and a pen with me EVERYWHERE I WENT. This pregnancy brain is so real, and I’m always trying to justify it as a lack of sleep. But there is no way! I slept about the same about when  I wasn’t pregnant, and I never forgot half the things I forget today. ​
Many people don’t believe in Pregnancy Brain, and I know my forgetfulness comes from my over-scheduled calendar and being overwhelmed with everyday life. It can be embarrassing when you rush out of the house to make it to an appointment that ended up being a few days before I initially thought it was. Or when your son comes home in the 3rd week of kindergarten to a note from his teacher reminding me I need to sign off on his progress report every day…whoops.

I get it, and I think the only one who gives me a hard time for forgetting stuff, is myself. I can be my worst critique, and I know I’m not perfect… I try to be, but I just can’t simply do it all. My advice to all you mamas who just can’t seem to get it right, is to let it go and laugh it off. I know, in the moment it won’t seem funny but how often do you find yourself letting your day get ruined by it? In order to make light of my huge prego brain situation, I ordered this amazing shirt from my friends over at Knocked Up Boutique.

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