With all these cool new gadgets out since having Millie back in 2013. I have been having so much fun researching about all the new things that are for newborns! There are just so many things coming out every month, some items are unnecessary, some are too expensive for my taste, and some items I never knew I needed! ​

Of course, I have all the essentials down for things we need to get for baby #3, but seriously. How many things I never knew was out there makes me seem clueless. I recently discovered the Fridababy Bitty Bundle Of Joy Kit, and oh ahh, how excited I am to try out all these amazing products on my soon to be born son!

I always thought the basic Nose Syringe and regular nail clippers were enough for a newborn, and boy was I wrong! Fridababy is making parenting a whole lot easier with these products, and I’m going to share with you everything that comes in this kit.

This bundle is a perfect kit for any fussy moments your newborn baby might have. Whether it’s a stuffy nose, nails that need trimming, a gassy baby, or for all us mothers that will be recovering from delivery. This starter kit is a one stop shop for all your baby needs. All of Fridababy products are all natural and safe.


​For all of us Postpartum moms, all we are focused on are our newborn babies. But, taking care of ourselves is also crucial. Fridet is for Postpartum Perineal Care- which I find amazing. The typical bottle we get at the hospital doesn’t come with an angle-neck, and this one is designed to be upside down. Fridet will help me heal faster, and put me at ease with cleaner and better care.


​Have you ever had a gassy baby that was so fussy, but nothing seemed to be relieving his pain? I remember using plenty of methods on both babies, and always had to keep reusing these methods several times before they were relieved of any gas pains… Now with Windi you’re able to give your baby instant relief naturally. It’s a safe way to pass stubborn gas! 


​Boogers in babies are the worst! I always stressed about getting them out with the syringe, and both my kids hated it. Nosefrieda is a doctor recommended “SNOTSUCKER” which is safe for both parents and babies to use, and will help with the toughest stuffy nose.


​When Ethan was small, I was clipping his nails with miniature nail clippers and accidentally snipped a little too close to his skin, which ended up in a horrible scream and a little blood. That in itself, made me panic as a new mother, and ever since I have not touched nail clippers- Yes, I bite my children’s nails. I know, it’s gross. Hearing about how Nailfrida’s nail clippers have a “Safety spyhole” for moms like me, who fear the worst, had me sold. Not only does it come with a spy hole, so you know where to clip without going too far, but the blades are also curved, which mimic the shape of baby scissors. The perfect kit for newborn nails.
You can now purchase your own FridaBaby Bitty Bundle Of Joy kit at target for only $49.99: CLICK HERE.
*Thank you Fridababy for partnering up with us on this post. *

September 5, 2016