All my married life, I have had people tell me that being married at such a young age will affect my children growing up. We were too young to be getting married. Our relationship wasn’t mature enough to survive marriage. And we shouldn’t get married just because we were becoming parents

All I ever heard was negativity, and it honestly scared me. Yes, my husband and I were both naive, and yes we aren’t perfect. we were already struggling with becoming new parents and learning to live on our own. Getting married we never fully understood the meaning of marriage. We said our vows, said our “I dos” and I changed my last name. Seems pretty simple, right? Marriage is much more than just that.
I never realized how much work I would need to put into my relationship for my marriage to work, and although it hasn’t been easy like everyone has told me. It has been worth it.

There has been plenty of immature fights, things that we wish went unsaid, and moments we wish we could do over. The beauty of a young marriage, for me, is seeing how much my husband and I have grown together in the last four years as husband and wife. We have matured, became responsible, and have taken on obstacles that I couldn’t even imagine.

I have dreamt my whole life of growing old with him, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I get to see the best, the worst, and everything new with him. Every day since I was 17 years old, I have had him beside me. I have confided in him with all my insecurities and doubts as a wife, a mother, and friend. He has always had my back, He has seen me cry uncontrollably, and he has seen me at my complete un homemaker materialistic self.  But what is so beautiful is that we are both growing older, and we are doing it as one. We are learning from each other every day, and life is about us. Our foundation. Our dreams.

So, although our marriage isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. We always put our 100% effort, and we are always finding ways to improve our relationship. All that statistics on young marriage is scary and has given us plenty of doubt. But at the end of the day, we are family, and we want nothing but to make each other happy. Not only does it feel good to prove everyone who has doubted our relationship, but it is also amazing to prove to ourselves that we are worth every heartache, stressful day, and every bad feeling that has ever overcome us.

​From the day that we said I do, until the day that I die, I will always fight for you. 



How many of you got married at a young age? Would love to hear your stories.

August 16, 2016