It’s official! The belly button is now completely out! We are now half way done with week 28 of my pregnancy! I am finding it so hard to keep track of how many weeks I am nowadays. I am so busy with life and time doesn’t seem to want to slow down for this mama! The only thing that is reminding me I am still indeed pregnant is all the aches and pains I get throughout the day… I don’t remember feeling so pregnant this early on with my other pregnancies. ​
Can you believe we are still nameless for the baby, and it’s driving me up the wall that my husband is okay with it! I can’t go into another week not knowing what we will name our baby! We were able to decide on names for Ethan and Millie so early on in my pregnancies, that this time I feel like we are slacking! Especially when he pops by every once in a while to give me a few nudges to let me know “Hi, mama! I’m still here!” Why is it that I feel so guilty we have yet to choose a name for him? I know of many parents who wait until the day their babies are born or even after. But it’s making me feel like a terrible mother, like If he isn’t important enough to have a name yet. I know all this guilt I have been feeling of not taking the time to sit and enjoy this pregnancy is coming from my hormones because let’s get serious… My kids are my whole life and although this little one isn’t here yet, he has all wrapped around his little fingers. My heart can just explode because of how much I love him.

Coming into the third trimester, I bet you will find it hard to believe I have yet to meet the doctor that will deliver my baby. I’m 28weeks and still have not met my doctor. How weird is that? When I found out I was pregnant, I swore I was going to have a midwife deliver me at the hospital and that I was going to build this beautiful relationship with her. Since Millie and Ethan’s doctor retired a year ago, I knew I had to find another. But, I wanted to find someone special, someone I trusted and someone who would care about my pregnancy.

After morning sickness hit the first few weeks, It totally slipped my mind on choosing a new doctor.  I found a doctor through my insurance but hated the office, and I never had the energy nor time to go out and search for a new one. By the time we were all moved into our new home and settled I was in my 2nd Trimester and by that time I still hated the office I was seeing my doctor at, and was STILL procrastinating on finding a new doctor.

I eventually found an office that was able to get me in so far in my pregnancy, but I have only made appointments with the PA because she’s absolutely wonderful. Now, at 28 weeks I am here. Healthy. Happy. And super pregnant.

I guess as a first time, a second time, or even a third-time mother nothing really ever goes as planned when it comes to your birth plan. When I went into labor with Millie, I had a birth plan. I wanted to go into labor naturally (no Pitocin) but wanted the epidural. I ended up going into labor the weekend that my doctor decided to go on vacation. I ended up going into labor, naturally…Ended up with Pitocin to speed up my labor….and NO. EPIDURAL. It was horrible.I remember being in so much pain and hating the Doctor that was delivering Millie, but I was in too much pain to even care.

Am I the only expecting mama to feel this way third time around?