As you all may know, we have only 1 more day until our disney trip. I’m excited, nervous, and anxious all at once. This will be our first family vacation just the four of us and I don’t know if I am ready. I’m scared we will forget something that we need or our car will break down on the way, or if i will be home sick (Yes, I know, we will only be gone for 4 days but that seems forever to be away from my home and my bed). I wrote a list (Actually, I wrote like 10 but who’s counting). Here are some ideas on how to travel light and stress free.
  • Make a list of everything you are needing to tag along with you on your trips. I Wrote my list about 2 weeks in advanced, and hung it on my refrigerator. Just in case I forgot an item I was able to add it to my list. (Remember that one time you forgot your child’s bedtime comfort toy, and didn’t realize it until it was bedtime 400 miles away from home?) Here is an example of a list you need for your DISNEY trip.
  • Make sure you head to the store for any last necessities a couple days before you head out to your trip, it will help you stay organized and less stressed running around doing last minute errands.
  • Pack the basic clothing 3 or 4 nights before you guys leave. This will help you remember any last minute items you’ll need to tag a long with you. (Socks, Underwear, T-Shirts,Bathing Suits, Towels.)
  • Make sure you Re check your list and cross out all unnecessary items. You don’t want to overpack, you want to travel lightly and comfortably. (See pictures above. My husband and I shared a suit case, my kids shared a backpack, and the pink backpack will be my purse for the next 4 days.)
  • A couple of nights before, head to the grocery store and pick out snacks you can pack that won’t go bad. (Gold Fish, Capri-Suns, Granola bar, Trail mix, etc).
  • Try to keep your house clean throughout the week of leaving. It will save you  the headache of stressing out before you have to leave (and coming home to a clean house is always nice).

Even though we will be gone for only 4 days, It isn’t easy to have toddlers stuck in a car for 5 1/2 hours, So make sure you get enough items to keep your kids occupied on the way (good for plane or car ride) – Here are some items we will be taking for our kids
-Fully Charged iPad for each kids (Saves you a headache)
-Coloring books
– Snacks
-Portable DVD player

Would love to know some of your families go-to while preparing for a family vacation.

August 16, 2016