​I’m seriously so excited about the baby’s nursery and how well it’s coming along. With both Millie and Ethan, we never really went crazy decorating or putting together a perfect nursery. We had a lot of things handed to us with both children from our relatives, so being able to start fresh and buy everything brand new for this baby has been such a fun process.

We still have a few more things to buy for the nursery (It seriously is a work in progress), but we have an idea of what we want, and are almost done purchasing all the big furniture needed! It took me a while to decide what theme I wanted for the babies room because let’s be honest there are so many cute baby nurseries out on Pinterest!

​We decided to go with the typical Black and white theme and wanted to incorporate pastel blues and grays, so it isn’t just your modern black and white nursery. I didn’t want to overwhelm the room with too many items on the wall, and little nick nacks because if I’m honest, I doubt we will spend much time in here the first few months. I always been a co-sleeper with my kids until they were old enough to sleep finally in their crib, and even then I still slept with them on occasions.

This time around, I wanted to teach this baby to sleep in his crib at a young age because honestly I love my bed, and I’d rather not share it with my kids. My husband would be the complete opposite if it were up to him he would still have Ethan and Millie in our beds. I want to be able to have a schedule for the baby and make parenting easier for my husband and me.

​Finding out I was pregnant with baby #3, I was all for getting the expensive high-end items that I could never afford with Ethan and Millie. I wanted to buy the babies crib for $600, and the car seat and stroller for well over $1,000, and at that moment I felt like we deserve to have nice things for this baby. It might be our last, why not go all out? But after a few months of being pregnant and at home with my kids, I felt a little foolish on how high maintenance I wanted to be with this baby. After all, they won’t remember what car seat they sat in, what crib he laid in, and what brand name clothes they wore. All they truly need is their mother’s love, their father’s touch, and a whole lot of cuddles to live a rich life.
​Picking out reasonable price nursery furniture has been a little more challenging only because matching nursery furniture can be expensive to buy all together. I’m not sure if We need a separate changing table station, or what type of rocking chair I want (Regular wood one, a modern one from Ikea, or just a regular glider. There are so many choices). One thing we were certain on was purchasing a Delta Children’scrib. We love the styles of all models but fell in love with the Easton 4-in-1 convertible crib. The style is modern, the crib is sturdy, and it was super easy to assemble. Well, I watched my husband assemble it, and he didn’t break a sweat, so I’m assuming it was easy. Not only do we love the design of this crib it meets the requirements for the safety we all fear as mothers. Here Is a few photos of the crib put together.
If you’re interested in purchasing this exact crib(Easton 4-in-1 convertible crib). You can now order yours through Amazon: CLICK HERE.