We are all anxiously waiting for November to be here so we can finally meet baby brother. We are constantly looking for baby items and buying things all the time. He is so spoiled already. One of my favorite items for him so far is this amazing Louise backpack diaper bag designed by Newlie Co.
When I had Ethan I had a regular diaper bag, and carrying a heavy babe while in a car seat with a huge diaper bag that would constantly fall off my shoulders, it was such a hassle! I knew with Millie I would definitely transfer into a backpack diaper bag, and although we transitioned, I was never satisfied with how little space a backpack gave me, and how unorganized her stuff was in her diaper bag.

So When I saw the hype on Newlie co, I was intrigued to get one for babe #3. My first thought was definitely loving the style of the diaper bag, not really knowing how comfortable it would be. I decided to take the step in ordering my bag.

The Louise Backpack diaper bag is not only adorable on the outside but seriously spacious on the inside. There are pockets for everything, I am able to store almost everything our son will need, plus all my necessities, so I won’t need to carry a purse around either.

I have been using this diaper bag all summer and have been able to fit all the kids snacks, sunscreen, and even pool towels along with my makeup bag and camera. I feel like I can shove everything I need in this bag, without making it look bulky, or without it breaking my back.

Stay tuned for a closer look inside my diaper bag, as the time gets closer to his ARRIVAL.

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