​Okay okay… I’m sure you can get the Jif of how my 10 weeks ended and 11 weeks started just by looking at this picture…
There is no need for glam in my life right about now. As a matter of fact, my life is so hectic that most days I just sleep it off. Sounds fair, right? Well, we planned to switch from a  doctor to a midwife, no I don’t want to do an all-natural birth, (did that with Millie and promised myself to never put myself through that pain again lol), but would love to enjoy my pregnancy, because honestly, I have done everything but enjoy this pregnancy. I’m so scared this time around. This whole week, I have spent crying, asking myself “Am I really ready to be a mom of 3?” …. Too late for that Clarissa. This baby is coming whether you’re ready or not.
​Honestly though,  Millie has been a complete nightmare. She has been crying over EVERYTHING…Including spilled milk. It seems that no matter how happy we try to keep her, she has been whiny and unsatisfied with everything. It’s like the kids switched roles on me, Ethan has been a complete angel. The sweetest most generous little soul. He always tells me “Mom, I’m going to ask dad to wipe my butt because I want you and the baby to rest since you always do everything for me.” I mean seriously? How adorable can he get!

We’ll 11weeks, We will get through this nausea,emotional rollercoaster together because this growing bump makes everything worth while. xoxo
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July 22, 2016