UTAH TRIP 2015-2016


We just got back from our trip to Utah last weekend, and I seriously wish We were still there! Being out in the mountains where It is cold, and snowy is just a total dream. I have always fantasized living in Utah, and I still would move there in a second! Joe has never been there, and I could honestly say he loved it!
The kids enjoyed, for the most part, all the snow they were able to roll around in. Living here in AZ they were amazed that they could be surrounded by anything besides dirt and cactus. We were totally unprepared for the amount of snow they had while it wasn’t a bone-chilling cold. My kids didn’t have any snow boots or any thick pants. They were still having a blast although I was a little freaked out we would all end up leaving Utah with a cold (I was right by the way, we are all currently getting over the flu.) They still played in the snow like if there was no tomorrow! So. Much. FUN!

We love surrounding ourselves with family and friends, and we were able to do just that! I was able to meet my sweet friend Savanna and her adorable daughter, Tahlya. We cozied up with some coffee at a little cafe’ in town. Making new friends and creating memories is one of my many New Years Resolutions.

2016 couldn’t have started any better. Here are some photos of our trip.

July 22, 2016